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What do you think about the upcoming iPad mini?

It seems that Apple will never tire to advance their idea to make gadget which can attract people‚Äôs attention. Recently, there is rumor that Apple will launch iPad Mini which only has 7-inch touch screen. Many people are so curious … Continue reading

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LG Optimus 4X HD P880 Review

LG Optimus 4X HD P880 Review:LG Optimus 4X HD P880 1

Just like a soccer match, 2 major vendors from the same country, Samsung and LG seem to have an intense rivalry. Recently, LG launch a new mobile phone which they called LG Optimus 4X HD P880 as a rival for … Continue reading

3-D Printing

3-D Printing:3d filaments

Three printing makes digital prototypes turns into a real life model. Without 3-D filament it’s impossible to produce a 3-D print. There are two types of filament used in today’s 3-D printing industry. PLA Polyactid Acid and Acryloitrile Butadiene Styrene … Continue reading

What Can I Do To Stop Wasting Energy In My Home?

What Can I Do To Stop Wasting Energy In My Home?:What Can I Do To Stop Wasting Energy In My Home?

Unfortunately, many homeowners waste energy at their residence each month. In addition to being taxing on the environment, these wasteful behaviors can result in unusually high electricity bills each month. Luckily, you can put an end to these wasteful practices … Continue reading

The Advantages of Social Media

The Advantages of Social Media:The Advantages of Social Media

Million people use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace every day. Some of you may even check your internet once an hour to keep up date. Well, many people think that social media can give you bad effect. … Continue reading

Just Start Talking About How to Get a House

Just Start Talking About How to Get a House:Just Start Talking About How to Get a House

Of course my Dad knows all about this sort of thing and so I have to go see him and talk to him about the details at some point. It is not quite at that point yet. For example I … Continue reading