3 best android games

best android games

Playing game is always fun because it can help you to release you stress after having hectic daily activities. Nowadays, game can be played every time and every where, you don’t have to sit in front’s of the PC screen and you don’t need to sit in front of your Playstation because not you can play it in your Android phone. Below, there are 3 best games for Android which you should have because it is interesting and fun.

best android games

The first one is Monster Island. This game is about puzzle game which aims to eliminate and crushed the monster thug using several number of throws. To eliminate and crushed the monster thugs you should use missile by touching the screen and drug your finger to throw the missile. The second best game for Android is Bank Job. This game is quite easy to play since it is only require you to walk as far as possible in the bank vault. All you need is bring your sack of money and take the money as soon as you walk by in the bank vault. You have to through many obstacles like security lasers in the bank vault.

And the last game which is very interesting is Assaulter. For you who love war thing, this game is perfectly fits with you. Basically the game use shooting action in every level but in this game not only gun that is used to fight the enemy, you can uses knife to beat your enemy. Once you played this game, it will be hard for you to stop.

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