3 Best Educative Android Apps

Choosing good android apps for your kids require extra carefulness because in their age they can absorbs everything easily. As parents, of course you do not want to see your children play harmful apps. That is why; the best way to control their activity is by giving them educative apps. Educative apps are not only giving education to your children, but it is also giving them excitement. Below are 3 best educative Android apps which mostly downloaded by parents.

  1. AniWorld Lite

AniWorld Lite


This app is excellent for kids from age one to five. It teaches them to learn about different names of animals. Your kids can also learn how to feed the animal. This simple app definitely will give excitement to your kids.

  1. HomeWork



This app will help your older kids to arrange their schedule homework and lessons. It also helps them to set the reminders for final exam and manage time to do their t

  1. iStory Books

iStory Books


iStory Books will help your kids to read their favorite story such as Cinderella and Snow Queen,  before they go to bed. This app really entertains your kids because it is completed with voice over and alternative language such as Spanish.

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