3 Best freemium iPad apps

iPad apps

Playing fun apps in the leisure time is very fun especially when you play it with your iPad. It will be more fun if you get the apps for free because you don’t need to spend your money just for buying apps. Even if it is free, of course you expect that the apps must be perfect. That is why you need to select the best apps which will gives you more fun when you play it.

There are 3 best free premium game that you can be downloaded for your lovely iPad. The first one is Air Playit HD which allows you to stream you favorite TV program. This apps also allows you to converts many types of video so that you don’t need to play it via your computer because now you can play it with your iPad after you convert it through Air Playit HD. The second best free premium apps that is suitable to your iPad is Waze GPS. You won’t get lost anymore because this app will help you to find the right way when you are confused to find the right way. Waze GPS is very light to use because it doesn’t require large space from your devices and the most amazing thing is it has 3d viewing angle.

iPad apps

Finally the last best app for your iPad is TuneIn radio which provides you to access Live online radio stations and podcast, Interestingly, you still could listen it in the background so that you don’t have to close it when you want to operate another apps.

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