7 Things to Consider When Buying Industrial Blenders

The right industrial blenders can make or break your business. Actually choosing them, however, is a difficult task that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. If you’re in the market for industrial blending equipment, here are just seven things to keep in mind.

1. Type

Ribbon blenders have different functions than paddle blenders. Continuous blenders work much faster than non-continuous blenders. If you’re looking to fulfill a specific need within your warehouse or processing plant, make sure you’re buying the right blender for the job.

2. Shape

Certain shapes are more conductive to blending than others. You might also need to order a blender in a particular shape for the purposes of piping, heating or storing. Don’t be afraid to branch out from the typical spheres and ovals if you think it’ll get the job done any better.

3. Size

The specs of your blender are very important, especially if you’re custom-ordering one with exact measurements. How tall does it need to be? How long can it go? What about width and density? Keep in mind both the materials you’re blending and how much space you have in your warehouse.

4. Price

You should know in advance that the listed price of your industrial blender won’t be the only thing that comes out of your pocket. You’ll also need to pay for things like delivery and set-up, and if you’re purchasing a warranty, that will need to be covered too.

5. Features

What’s important to you in a blender? If it’s safety, you can buy blenders with special safety grates and overlap lids. If it’s efficiency, you can buy liquid injection systems to speed up your blending processes. There are many features available in the modern industrial blender, so have fun browsing them.

6. Warranty

Guarantees are extremely important when purchasing industrial blenders. Look for a policy that covers you for at least a year, and make sure it protects you from accidents, damage, defects and even human error.

7. Reviews

Last but certainly not least, never buy industrial equipment without reading reviews of the manufacturer first. Were customers satisfied with their products? Were their shipping prices accurate? Did they stick to their return policy?

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for industrial blenders. Whatever you do, take your time and choose correctly. The livelihood of your business could depend on it!

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