Best Movie App for Android


There are plenty of movie apps on android market. It would be great if you can watch movie that come out last summer anywhere you want. You don’t need to buy or rent a DVD if you want to watch movie; it is far more practical to watch movie on your tablet! If you are movie maniac and want to watch movie anytime and anywhere, here is some top movie apps you can download for delivering your interest on movie. The first is Netflix. This application is only available in United States. You can download this app freely from android market. This application allows you to stream movies you like wherever you are. If you are interested in using this application, you are required to have Netflix account.

The next best movie app on Android is IMDb Movies and TV. You can download this application freely on Android Market. This application allows you to watch movie and TV on your tablet. This mobile network is said to be worked fine if you download the application. This app is also helpful for you if you are interested in local cinema. This also offers you to watch your favorite TV shows. You can also watch the trailer of movies that will be launched soon. The next is VLC Direct Pro. It costs $2.86 to download this application. The money you pay is worth enough because you will get more experience on movie streaming than other free applications. VLC media player mostly has no problem on the video format. You can install VLC Direct Pro on your home video library so you can enjoy movie anywhere in your house through your tablet. The reverse also works as well.

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