Getting Started In The Powder Coating Business

Painting a vehicle is something that can take skill and time. If you like being precise in the work that you do, then consider powder coating. This is an area of painting cars that often deals with the customization of a car instead of painting because the car has been wrecked or the paint has been scratched.

If you want to get started in the line of work, you need to find a garage that has plenty of ventilation. There will be fumes from the paint that can be harmful if you don’t have air circulating through the building. It will also help if you have a few fans in place that can keep the fumes from settling in one area. Think about the size and kind of items that you want to paint. You will need guns of various sizes in order to pain small parts.

One of the important components of powder coating that you can learn more about is compressed air. This needs to be dry and clean as this is what will allow you to paint. When you begin looking for the powder, try to get as many colors as possible. You can’t really mix colors together as they won’t look like they do in a container. There also needs to be a place where you can cure the powder after it’s applied. This could be a lamp, small toaster oven or an oven that you would use in the home to cook with. You will need metal items that can withstand heat for long periods of time as you will place the parts that you place on these surfaces.

Safety items include goggles, gloves and a mask. An air blow gun can be used to clean the coating gun as well as the supplies that you use so that colors used won’t mix together when you change them.

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