Google search engine results, is it really displaying what you search?


In this modern era people are facing many complicated thing that need to be solved. However, since the technology of internet become more popular, people opt to have a media which can help them easily to find any information needed. One of them is Google search engine. Google is the most popular search engine because it is believed that it can display the information accurately when you are typing the keyword. But the question now is, is Google really displaying information you search?

Before judging whether Google display your search accurately or not, it is better for us to learn some facts about Google as search engine. Basically a search engine only provides you with the most popular web that is frequently opened by other users, so that sometimes you cannot get the right information. Besides, Google cannot filter the same information so that it usually displayed same source document.

One of the most important issues of search engine is that it cannot guarantee the accuracy of information displayed. In other word the result and the contents of a web cannot be trusted so that it cannot be used a source especially in academic field. In conclusion, Google might display what you search accurately, but you should notice that you cannot trust the contents completely.

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