How to Purchase Android Application

Android Application

One of the advantages that you can get for having android phone is its various applications. From gaming, chatting, editing image, and many more can you get for free or for fee. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to obtain such useful apps.

  • To download those applications, you should visit Google Checkout to register your account or just go to Google if you already have account in it. If you want to download paid apps, you need to include your credit card number beside personal information when you sign up.
  • Go to Android Market or Play Store in your phone menu. You should accept the terms and condition before you can use it.
  • Because of numerous apps are offered, you may get confuse. Therefore, you can search app that you want by entering the keyword in search button. Moreover, you can shift the main menu screen of the software to left or right to find apps based on price and popularity.
  • When you interest in one app, just click the icon and read the description. You had better to read the review too so the quality of the application can be proven.
  • If the apps are free, you just need to click ‘install’ and the apps will be automatically downloaded to your phone. On the other hand, if it is paid apps, you should click ‘buy’ and input password that I same with your account’s password. Do not forget to always check your email to know how much you spend in purchasing the apps.
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