News for Samsung – Popularity of the Accessories in the Market

Samsung Galaxy

The increasing popularity of Samsung Galaxy strengthens the indication that the company is today’s greatest competitor for Apple and any other brands. To conclude this, we may need to have valid data to support the statement. However, it could be simple enough just by paying attention to the market of third-party accessories supporting the smartphones.

Based on New York Times’ blog, one of the most popular case makers in San Francisco, Incase, just released the new product of protecting case for Galaxy S4 on Thursday, May 9, 2013. The product adds various supporting accessories for Samsung Galaxy by the Incase alone. Previously, Incase produces the similar products for Samsung Galaxy S3. Besides the Incase, other accessories makers such as Mophie, Tech Amor, Aduro, and OtterBox also manufacture the supporting products for Samsung Galaxy.

The market trend for Samsung supporting accessories has made other competitors such as Nokia and even iPhone become less popular. At least, it is shown by a small research using the popular search engine by using the keywords of “Samsung Galaxy accessories”. The results for showed greater numbers compared with “iPhone accessories”. After all, it is possible to associate the success of Samsung Galaxy with the success of Android even without doing comprehensive study about it.

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