Quite a Catchy Game!

Hi guys,

I came across Hounds Online in a desperate night to take my boredom away, and I think I stumbled upon one of the catchiest games of the year. Here, one is alone in the darkest but equipped with the utmost powerful weapons against the bloody viral zombies, shoulder to shoulder with other survivors. Here, everyone is a Hound to defy the fate, and make their ways to salvation.

The game is interactive as it gets! War has been around for a few years, the Hounds against the Hostiles. One is grouped with other Hounds, but you shall enroll in no time, or your companion is weaker. And, the motto of the game is simple: The weak will die and the strong will survive. If you like third person shooting games, you are going to enjoy this one! Feeling it is time to see this: just click to play hounds the last hope.


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