Samsung vs. Apple, who will win this war?

Samsung vs Apple

As already known two massive vendors Apple Inc and Samsung Electronic Co Ltd were ongoing lawsuits regarding the design of their smartphone and tablet . Apple sued Samsung on April 15, 2011. Apple claimed that Samsung’s smartphone and tablets like Epic 4g, Nexus S, Galaxy s 4G and Galaxy tab were infringed on Apple’s patents which includes its trademark and design of phone.

Samsung vs Apple

Not only suing for infringement of patens, Apple also suing Samsung for several cases like unfair competition, false designation, and trademark infringement. And now Apple and Samsung has entered new phase about their lawsuit. In South Korea, Samsung’s Home, the court delivered split decision. They said that Samsung infringed one of Apple patents while Apple infringed two Samsung technology patents.

In contrast, Australian courts accepting Apple’s request to ban one of Samsung’s product, Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung agreed to Australian Decision in the hope that it will win its appeal soon. It seems that the ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Samsung still in the long journey because in many other country’s court there is no absolute result regarding on whose actually win the war. It might be Samsung or it might be Apple who will come out as the winner but actually the real judge is the costumers. So who is going to win this war?

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