Shazam App Review

There are various technological developments these days that have become one of the main tools people use to make a particular task easier. Finding out the track title and the artist of the song you hear on radios and advertisements can be difficult. However, the technology launches a new discovery to make it easier for you identify these songs. Shazam is one of the newest music applications that allows user to know the information about the music they like and hear in the media. This app available for download in Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones.  Additionally you have the option of downloading Shazam on your pc


  • How Shazam Application Works


Shazam is a very successful media engagement Company that connects about 375 million people all over the world to the ads, music and TV shows they love. It develops an amazing application which is now compatible in various platforms and is available in major app stores. It simply works by downloading the application first and you can open the apps to access information about a song and hold your Smartphone up to identify the track. If you have heard a song that you like but it’s not recognized or maybe you want your own music to be played on Shazam you can submit it. The company also accepts music from its users providing it is not illegal, threatening or obscene.


  • Identifying Music Tracks Using Shazam


You have to download Shazam application in your Smartphone to get you started. Open the application according to your phone’s unit or model. You will then find it in your main screen and it is ready for use. You will find  the “tag now” button on the upper right corner of the apps; press it and make sure that the music that you want to track is played loud enough for the phone to pick up.


Get hold of your phone’s microphone and put it near the sound source. When Shazam picks up the music it will automatically give you the details of the song like the artist name track title and other information you want which will be displayed on your phone’s screen.


Even before Smartphone was launched in the market, Shazam apps were already a boom. The company has designed these applications to help music lovers identify the songs they heard but didn’t know the details about it. Since the launching of the application in the market, it has created a name in the industry and is well recognized being among the top 10 most downloaded applications in the Apple Store.

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