Submit your Website and Articles to the Right Places

In this modern world of advertising and rigorous promotions, creating some quality work is not the only criteria to get the deserving accolades. One needs to promote their works so that the works could be viewed by people of rightful expertise. Especially, in the virtual world it is of utmost importance that you need a website and articles in their rightful places. Otherwise, the good work would not be appreciated by all.
The art of submission

Exposure is all it requires in case of publishing your articles on Internet. The content of your website or article could be taken care of by creative thinking and writing. But the exposure, your works need, could only be achieved by proper SEO rankings. In order to get higher SEO value, you need to submit your website and articles to the right places. By doing this, you could ensure that your article or website gets the right amount of exposure as it deserves. PHP Dir Submit is a tool which you can use to submit websites and articles quickly and get good results fast.

Some examples of places where you can submit your works

• XOM reviews: This is a free service and can be availed instantly. Its unique selling proposition is the simplicity of submission here. You are not required to do any sort of signing in or signing up. You can simply visit their website and add your website or blog’s address to their ‘Add URL’ field.

• Here you do need to have an account to proceed. But the great thing about setting your account there is it is free of cost. This enables you to write some appropriate words about your website or article. You need to be careful about the words you choose because these words would be viewed as description in any search engine results.

• The free Index: This is also similar to above mentioned services. This helps to get increased exposure too.

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