The Difference between Android and iOs

Android and iOs

Smartphones and tablet devices now dominating gadget market in all over the world. Many people choose smartphone because it can provide the users with its easy handled device which can perform almost any task in one touch. Of course to perform amazing task, it needs an operating system to operate the whole system. And the most responsible for this is Android an iOS. Even though it almost has the same function, but actually there are difference set of feature between Android and iOS.

Android and iOs

The first differences between Android and iOS are its openness of the operating system. iOS which originally comes from Apple forbid the usage of third party such as Adobe Flash Player. While Android as an open source operating system, allows its user to customize every aspect of their phone. And about the apps, iOS is leading because it has iTunes App store which originally larger than Androit Market.Many games developer would likely placed their game into iTunes App Store because iOS users are mostly willing to spend their budget on downloading games from iTunes.

Finally the most remarkable differences between Android and iOS is about its hardware. iOS only uses for Apple product such as iPone, iPad, and iPod so that if you want to use an iOS you should buy Apple product. Android on the other hand, can be used for many different smartphone since it is manufactured by various companies.

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