The History of Facebook

The History of Facebook

If you are asked about what is the most popular social networking site in the world, probably you will answer that it is Facebook. Facebook is social networking site which allows everyone in the world to stay connected each other. Who knows that Facebook which at first only popular around Harvard students will become the world most popular networking site which produce million dollars per years.

It was Mark Zuckeberg who was invented Facebook in February 2004. He found facebook when he was studying psychology at Harvard University. Actually, before invented Facebook, he has already developed some other social networking sites like Coursematch which allowed the users to access information about people’s taking degree, and Facemash which allowed the users to rate people’s attractiveness.

The History of Facebook

In 2005, Facebook registered as a corporation with Zuckeberg serving as their CEO.  Facebook users expanded fantastically up to more than 5.5 million users and soon many investors begin to contribute the development of facebook by giving investing their money until finally it gained many people’s attention in all over the world. Now Facebook has improved their technology by adding some features like Facebook ads, games, and marketplace application which can be accessed by its user for free.

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