What do you think about the upcoming iPad mini?

iPad mini

It seems that Apple will never tire to advance their idea to make gadget which can attract people’s attention. Recently, there is rumor that Apple will launch iPad Mini which only has 7-inch touch screen. Many people are so curious with this gadget and the also curious whether it will have good responses from the market or not.

iPad mini

Many people try to figure out what will iPad mini gives to its customers if the product officially launched. To cut down the cost, there is rumor said that iPad mini will only used Wi-Fi to connect with the internet. It means that the users cannot use 3G/4G technology which usually brought by Apple company. This  alsopops the question whether iPad mini will follow Nexus 7? Some says that iPad mini will have same screen resolution (1024 x 768) just like the original iPad which is believed that the apps installed will also work fine.

However, iPad mini is worth the wait because it is believed that the features will as likely the same as iPad original. It will also be fun watching the rivalry between iPad mini and Google Nexus 7 since they almost serve the same features inside. So are ready to see who’s the winner?

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