What is Podcasting


Podcasting is the activities of delivering internet audio programming to the electronic device like iPod and other portable media so that the listeners can download it and play the podcast whenever they want. Podcasting was first popularized by Adam curry. He invented an Applescript application which automatically will sync the audio files to your iPod. Podcasting successfully spread because it is affected by the popularity of MP3 players and other media like smartphone.


Actually before the audio podcast arrived in your device, it must through several steps. Podcasting begin when the creator uploading their audio podcast to a web server. Typically the files are in MP3 format. Then they publish RSS file or news feed that includes reference to the audio podcast. Each RSS has some information about the audio file, such as the file’s name, description of the file, and the URL to download the file.

Users can check for new version of RSS using an application called iPodder which will automatically identify The URL. Finally the users can play the audio podcast which has been successfully downloaded. Recently, some developers are planning to explore more about the idea using podcasting to publish other contents like video, etc.

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