What you need to know about iOS 6

iOS 6

Apple recently launches their new operating system iOS 6 which is said to have more features to its users. Before you upgrade your system into iOS 6 it is better for you too take a close look to it. Many people who have used iOS 6 said it has 200 new features and all features are far better than its previous operating system, iOS 5.

iOS 6

One of the examples is Siri app. Now Siri is getting smarter because it has some important improvements like learning a lot of new languages such as Italian, Mandarin, etc. Siri now also provides you with sport, movie schedule, detail restaurant information and even launch apps. iOS 6 also provides a new app called Passbook which can store your precious stuff like boarding passes, movie tickets, discount cards, etc. All you need is installed in your iPhone or iPad then types your security password and this app will begin to work for you.

Actually still there are many new apps which are very attracting in iOS 6 but it seems that Apple also spread its wing by concerning in the photo sharing market. Photo Stream Sharing for example, this apps allow you to shared photo with your friends and it can be streamed across the devices like Apple TV, and Web. In conclusion, upgrading your devices to iOS 6 is not a bad idea since it can provide you many cool apps which ready to complete your communication’s life.

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